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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Vacation from Vacation

5 days sailing the islands of Angra dos Reis.  My trip in pictures.  IF theys can't do justice imagine how words would fail...

Such a 'ham' as Norm would say.

My natural model

Our view at lunch.  Beauty.

Marina e Pai

Marina e Mai

Our arrival at Bossa Nova (the name of their boat)

Our home sweet home

The "living spare" and my bedroom!

The marina

Setting sail

The plan for the day, and every day there after.

Captains dinner, we wore the same shirt.   Opps :)

That isn't the sun.  It is the MOON rising! Breathtaking

Dinner lit by the stars and moon

Another shit day in paradise

Our first stop of the day

Below are photos of Paraty.  A beautiful and old colonial town near Angra dos Reis


Time for our bath.  Soap, lather, jump in the ocean. Repeat.

Our resting point for the evening

Ocean's have geese too.

A barzinha

Saturday, April 9, 2011

One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind

I just finished playing soccer in the neighborhood pick up game!  It was shirts verses skins.  You can imagine which team they tried to force me to play on.  Nice to know, some things are universal.  But despite their best efforts, t-shirt on, barefoot, on a soaking wet grass field, we played 6v6.  Good thing my cousins have me well versed in EVERY foul mouthed, Portuguese, swear word.  I understood everything.  So in short my story...

1. I asked to play soccer
2. I scored two goals in the first 5 minutes
3. I love winning
4. I love doing #2 and #3 when it is against all dudes.  I just schooled them.
5. They asked me if I played professionally in the US. My other favorite question.
6. They invited me to come "teach" them soccer again next Thursday.  I will remember to bring a shirt :)

So once again teaching men around the world, women can play soccer.  And as it seems tonight, better than men...

One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind.  Bring it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My weekend in Photos

Another "shit day in paradise"

Downtown Belem, The Docks

The river side of my restaurant "love affair"

Live dancing show on the river boat

Sun setting on the Amazon River

Marcia, Marina, and Me...so many M's

One of many dances, many costumes, and many hours of live music while we floated down the Amazon River