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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Town Market

We finally spent the day touring around old town Belem at their famous markets.  We started the morning early at the street fair.  The crowds were busy buying small piece of traditional Amazonian jewelry, art, crafts, and food.  After a few hours we took our treasures we had purchased and went to a more "local" market.  Located on the Amazon River, I was surrounded by the smells of traditional cuisine, fresh fruits, peppers and of course, live stock.  If this experience didn't redefine fresh for me, I am not sure what will.  Not that it made me eager to eat chicken any time soon!


Belem, was one of the original cities in the Amazon where the Portuguese had established a port.  Within almost spiting distance of the ocean, the city of Belem (which means Bethlehem) was the hot spot a mere 4 centuries ago!  Today mixed with a different hustle and bustle, you can still find some of the same goods they sold way back when.  Rows of fresh and exotic fruits, peppers, and vegetables line the streets.  Not far off you can hear the crowing of the chickens, roosters, hens, and other live stock made for a startling first experience.


A culture also heavily based on myths and magic have an entire section swarmed with old ladies convincing you their herbs, soaps, and bath oils contain the potion for anything your heart desires...love, lust, or even revenge.  I look my luck on a "few" of their recommendations :)



  1. Pick me up some of those peppers "of Para," and I'll take a bag of the furry red fruit things. I'm sure the fuzz indicates that they are safe to eat. As for the Voo Doo women of Belem, how about fixing me up with a potion/root to fix Bauer's breath?

    The Market looks wonderful. Any luck getting a frog for Tyler?

  2. Lia , you are such a wonderful person , you could be one more of the american girls that just want have a nice car and do shopping as much as they can , but you care about people, humanity and love... if the world had more people like you we would live in a better planet... hope you enjoy the experience and learn a lot . take care . beijos