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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is a Toucan Outside my Window

I have arrived in Belem, Para (which is one of the states in Brazil, with the state of Amazonia, that makes up the Amazon Forrest)!  It has been two days and I am just getting my barrings.  It's surreal.  Stepping out of tropical paradise in Rio and into the impoverished, congested, city of Belem.  There is beauty in its own way but a whole different world.  Poverty surrounds you.  From the infrastructure to the eyes of the people, there is a sense of wanting, a need for more.  A good Brazilian friend said to me, "prepare your heart Lia."  I am sure with some exploration I will discover a different perspective, but for first impressions, it is hard to miss.

As always, Marcia and Mauricio, welcomed me with open arms making me feel right at home.  They must know me well.  The first thing  they did was enter their home open the fridge and say, "you are home, what is in here is all yours."  Ahhhhh home at last!  Quickest way to my heart, is to feed me!

Marina e Eu.  Daughter of Marcia e Mauricio.  She loves to play and not let me work!  Who could resist?

Belem, is a MUCH bigger metropolitan city than I ever imagined.  It serves 2 million people in the greater area.  It is the biggest city in the Amazon.  Now that being said, you don't have to travel far to find remote Amazonian culture.  In fact, I discovered, besides the large in voice but small in stature frogs outside my window, I have several toucans that live in the tree outside my window!  Pam, how do you like that for birdwatching?  I am still trying to get a good picture of them.  It takes patient waiting.  And we all now that isn't my "strongest" feature!

My Backyard!

I also found out Belem is back on the Northern Hemisphere so I am back to winter season.  Which sadly means rainy season.  This humid, tropical down pouring isn't the sunny Rio I just left.  Oh the shame.  At least it won't distract me from work.  And it should be changing soon.  The first day I arrived I felt the burning of the Equator Sun.  I might be begging for this cooler weather, come summer time!  Good thing Erin has taught me years of proper sunscreen wearing :)

Well I better get back to work.  I have a big presentation tomorrow for the Hospital staff.  Medical director, Hospital Administration, Nursing Research/ Educator, medical and nursing staff included!  All I need to do is complete my power point presentation and learn perfect Portuguese.  No problem. 

Over and Out!

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