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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jacob and Tyler

It isn't a great picture but look what I found you.  These frogs, about as big as a golf ball, are EVERYWHERE at night and make about as much noise as a howler monkey.  If you aren't too careful, they will keep you up all night!  I will do my best to catch you two, one each.  But don't worry Jenny, they are fast little buggers :)


  1. Turn Tyler loose in the Amazon. He will bring all sorts of critters home!

    Don't think the boys will get the Howler Monkey reference, but I bet Reezy do!

  2. Lia.... NO MORE FROGS!!!

    Thanks for posting this picture. The boys loved it!

    We love and miss you!

  3. Not a problem. They are too fast for me to catch ;) But wait till you see the gift I got them. I will forever be the coolest aunt but I think it might sever my relationship with Jenny. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to be on top! Champion Aunt Lia. :)